How Subsurface Drainage Works

We often get asked ‘How does Subsurface Drainage work?’ so here are the answers!

Subsurface Drainage or Subsoil Drainage is a practice used to reduce wateringwater table original logging, the water table and soil salination. We can complete subsurface drainage in any location Australia wide.

The basic process of Subsurface Drainage is as follows – the trench is dug, perforated pipe is laid and it is backfilled with course drainage gravel. This is done all in one smooth operation using one of our specialised drainage machines. In most circumstances, special drainage sand is then placed over the top of the gravel. Dependent on the purpose of the drainage, the perforated pipe may also be fitted with a filter sock. The pipe is then connected to the main drain and the excess water will be transferred to a pit or drain off area.

Our drainage systems are also specially designed to ensure very little disruption or damage is done to the existing surface. Our specially designed trenching machines can lay the pipe from 1 meter to 5.5 meters deep; again, this is dependent on the purpose of the drainage. To also ensure proper drainage, all our trenching machines are fitting with laser guiding systems that ensure that pipe is laid with the correct incline.

With this Subsurface Drainage the water table will stay at the desired level to prevent water logging and soil salination and promote vegetation growth.

If your industry or requirement is not mentioned here, please give us a call and we would be happy to accommodate for your needs.