Agricultural & Horticultural

Horticultural Drainage includes Market Gardens and Vineyards and is quite effective as it encourages healthy plant growth. High value crops that are sensitive to water-logging and salinity, such as citrus, stonefruit, and grapevines, have been the focus of drainage problems in the past. Deep subsurface drainage systems are introduced to protect the plant root zone from water-logging and salinisation by maintaining a deep water table. Production of high quality fruits and vegetables demanded by the modern market requires a precise all year balance of soil moisture. This type of demand makes Horticultural Drainage and Agricultural Drainage more important.

When completing Subsoil Horticultural Drainage there are a Yarra Glen DSCF0005few differences compared to standard Subsurface Drainage. In most circumstances in Horticultural Drainage the pipe is laid and covered with draining gravel but the excess soil is left. This soil is then placed back into the drain above the drainage gravel and pipe. Doing this reduces the cost of materials and labour for the farmer while still maintaining the integrity of the Subsurface Drainage.

Our specialised drainage machines come in many shapes and sizes, this means that even tight spaces between vines in Vineyards drainage can take please without causing damage. For a demonstration, please see picture.

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